Inspired by the horse-human connection, the Horse Nail Heart Pendant is full of sparkle and will stand out in any crowd. Crafted from 14 karat rose gold, this pendant has a total of 60 individually set diamonds, including .97 carat diamonds accentuating the heart and .04 carat black diamonds adorning the horseshoe nail head. These beautiful details catch the light and highlight the craftsmanship behind this piece. Crafted with the same dedication and artistry that equestrians demonstrate in their own riding.

  • Horseshoe nail and heart pendant inspired by equestrians

  • Made of 14 karat rose gold

  • .97 carat diamond setting includes 43 individual stones

  • .04 carat black diamond setting includes 17 individual stones

  • 20” 14 karat rose gold chain attached

  • 1”x1” pendant

  • Pairs with the Horse Nail Heart Earrings

Equine14K 1" Diamond Encrusted Pendant